OSAWATOMIE; Weather Underground Orgaization.: Vol. 1 # 1 - Vol 2 # 2. (6 issues - all issued - Spring, 1975 to June/July, 1976

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Wikipedia: "The Battle of Osawatomie was an armed engagement that occurred on August 30, 1856, when 250–400 pro-slavery Border ruffians, led by John W. Reid, attacked the town of Osawatomie, Kansas, which had been settled largely by anti-slavery Free-Staters. Reid was intent on destroying the Free-State settlement and then moving on to Topeka and Lawrence to do more of the same. Abolitionist John Brown first learned of the raiders when they shot his son Frederick. With just 40 or so men, Brown tried to defend the town against the pro-slavery partisans, but ultimately was forced to withdraw; five Free-Staters were killed in the battle, and the town of Osawatomie was subsequently looted and burned by Reid's men. The battle was one of a series of violent clashes between abolitionists and pro-slavery partisans in Kansas and Missouri during the Bleeding Kansas era." ... After the publication of Prairie Fire: the Politics of Revolutionary Anti-imperialism, the Weather Underground Organization (WUO) continued to establish a media presence by publishing a quarterly magazine entitled Osawatomie. Osawatomie debuted in March 1975[2] and gave the WUO an outlet to solidify the organization, its purpose, and its politics.It was also the WUO's attempt to establish the organization in a position of leadership of the New Left.The magazine was named Osawatomie in honor of John Brown, a white abolitionist who, in 1856 in Osawatomie, Kansas, led a small group of anti-slavery forces in an armed fight to prevent the state of Kansas from becoming a slave state and with whom the WUO is symbolically linked through the tradition of militant white anti-racism.Each issue of Osawatomie included editorials, book reviews, a "Toolbox" section in which certain communist ideas were explained in everyday language,[4] and news about other anti-imperialist struggles around the world. Each issue also included a "Who We Are" section which gave a brief history of the WUO in which the Organization claimed responsibility for "over 25 armed actions against the enemy," in this case, the U.S. Government. The "Who We Are" section also outlined the five key points of the WUO program which included eliminating U.S. imperialism from the Third World; peace, by opposing "imperialist war and U.S. intervention;" fighting racism by building an anti-racist base among the working class and supporting self-determination for oppressed peoples; struggling for freedom of women against sexism; and fighting for socialism by organizing the working class.
A spin off of SDS (Students for a Democratic Society), the "Weathermen" chose of a more confrontatble politics at the height of the unpopular war in Viet Nam.

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