ARCHIVE OF MATERIAL; The is a long correspondence with poet and editor of VOYAGES, William Claire. Incuded are 11 autographs letters, 35 typed letetrs,11 autograph post cards, 3 typed post cards and other miscellaneous material There are a total 78 pages of correspondence, Included also are a couple of notes, Christmas cards and the like. A complete lisiting is below.

DenBoer was the west coast editor of "Voyages" a literary magazine based in Washington, DC and edited by William Claire. This collection of material comes from Claire and the material has to do with the publication of the magazine.

James Den Boer Archive
Autograph material
APC, 1/16/(19)69. On his work, Voyages, etc. TLS, 1 page, 2/25/(19)65. About his press taking an adv in Voyages, etc.
TLS, 4 pages, 11 Sept. (19)67. Accompanying names and addresses of possible subscribers to Voyages
APC, October 7, 1967. On Voyages, etc.
TPC, October 13, 1967. Distributing Voyages
TLS, 2 pages, 18 Nov (19)67.On his writing, some poetry.
TL, signed in type, one page, 1 Dec (19)67. Send a subscription to his parents, etc
TLS, one page, 15 Dec (19)67 withStiff cardboard with short tributes to Claire, 15 December 1967. Mostly about Voyages
Christmas Card, 1967
TPC, December 28, 1967. On Voyages
TLS, one page, nd. On his responsibilities as an editor of Voyages
TLS< one page, 9 Jan (19)68, Hos work for Voyages, etc.
TLS, one page 16 Jan, ((19)68. Accompanying short stories
ALS, nd, 8-1/2 x 8. (ca 1968) Looking for work, what he is reading, etc)
APC, Jan 31 (19)68. On material for Voyages, etc..
TLS, one page: 13 Feb (19)68. On his reading schedule, with 3 lines of holograph
TLS< one page, 9 Mar (19)68. On distributing Voyages
ALS, 2 pages, 4 June (19)68. He is very messed up, having trouble
ALS, 2 pages, 20 July (19)68. His work, marriage, writing …may convert to Catholicism, etc
TLS, one page, 18 Aug (19)68. Reading “Parade’s End” etc.
ALS, 4 Sept (19)68. One page. Publishing, his divorce
TLS< 1 page, 18 Sept (19)68. He is getting a divorce, Alan Brilliant didn’t get his copy of Voyages
Christmas card with printed poem by Vinh An, with 13 lines of holograph
TLS< one page, 6 II (19)69. Voyages, his work with “folio”, he is doing a Merton issue, etc.
TLS, one page, 2/11/(19)69. On exchanging ads with Unicorn Journal also collections of Folio, etc
TLS,, 2 pages with holograph additions, 3/25/(19)69. On his writing, etc.
APC, April 18, 1969. He will look at the Linda Pastan poems and the Williams ones as well
APC, 5/19/(19)69. On Thomas Merton, etc.
TLS, 1-1/2 pages, 6/9/(19)69. Sent to accompany some poems meant to be included in Voyages
TLS, 1 page, 6/12/(19)69. About some poems he is sending to Claire
APC, ??1969, printing a poem “Go Round” by Gary Snyder, responding to a copy of Voyages
TL, 8/6/(19)69 –, 2pp. . About a Merton issue that has run into problems, his broke, making paper, etc.
ALS, 1 page, 11/9/(19)69. On the death of Claire’s father and his wish to help with Voyages. Etc.
Short typed note on “White House Conference on Children” stationary, about a poem (1969?)
APC (??, 1969) on Voyages asking about “Foliophiles”
Typed note, April 18, 1970. On issues of Voyages, his play
ALS, 5 June (19)71, 7 pages, 8-1/2 x 5 in. He and Emily are leaving DC, his depression, not writing, etc.
TLS, 3 pages, 7 Aug (19)73. His writing, his life, etc.
APC, 14 Aug, (19)72. On magazines, writing, etc.
APC, 6 Sept, 1972 . on Claire’s MSS
ALS, 2 pages, 21 August (19)73. Thanks for help with job search and publishing, etc.
TPC to William Claire, Oct 9, 1973 about his writing
APC, 17 Oct (19)73, raising money, etc.
TLS to William Claire, 4 Sept. (19)74, 2 8-1/2 x 11 sheets with holograph note: on personal notes and his writing, etc.
TLS, one page, 23 Oct (19)74. Birth of a child, poems, etc
TLS, 1 page, 17 Aug (19)76. On his move, his writing, what he should do next.
TLS, 2 pages, 3 Sept, (19)76. He is moving to Santa Cruz, has a new book out
TLS, 2 pages, 2 June (19)77. He is trying to get his house built, writing, Emily doing pottery
APC, 6 June (19)77. Applying for unemployment, etc.
TLS, 2 pages, written from Tacoma, Wash., no date. About his living in Washington, his writing, etc.

Part of a Fulbright application, with a statement of purpose and 5 line note to Claire asking for his help with it.

ALS, one 8-1/2 x 11 in sheet, no date, some water stained, signed “love Jim and Emily.
TLS, 1-1/2 pages, 4/6/ (19)95 on “Paperwork” stationary. He is at US Santa Cruz, reconnecting, his reading, etc.
TLS, 1-1/2 pages, 5/23/(19)95. Selling some books
ALS, 1 page, 4/1/(????), Responding to Claire’s offering him books to sell
ALS, 9/25/(1995?) 7 lines, about a book order
TLS, 1-1/2 pages with holograph addition, 7/`2/(19)95. His travels, Books to sell.
TLS, one page on “Paperwork” stationary, signed Jim. Enclosed with a book (not included)
TLS, one page, 9/9/(19)95. About books, family. Claire’s collections of vol.1 of mags
TLS, 1-1/4 pages, 11/20/(19)95. About his reading the writing
TLS, (July, 2000), his new iBook, a new book, heard Gary Snyder read, his book business, with mailing envelope
TLS, 2 pages, 2/25/(20)00. About running his bookshop …what he is reading
TLS, one page, 3/28/(20)01. On “Paperwork” stationary. With envelope
TLS, 2 pages, 5/14/(20)02. Listing the magazines that he has sold.
TLS, one page on “Paperwork” stationary, 5/2/(20)03 Signed Jim. Lists a number of books that he has sold for Claire
Autograph Xmas card, no date, signed Jim and Emily
TLS, one page, nd – to accompany a review of “Miles” etc.
ALS, one page, nd. DeBoer is doing a special issue of Spectrum on Prose by Poets. Doesn’t want to come back to DC while Nixon is President.
TLS, np, nd, 3 pages, rambling letter about poets, poetry, etc.
Short note attached to list of books that he is selling for Claire
TLS, 1 page, August 1, 1969. From Charles Lee, on material sent to Voyages.

Printed material

BACK UNTIL THEN, prose poems. Berkeley : palOmine Press, 2005. Of a total edition of 126, this is one of 100 numbered copies, signed by the author and also inscribed. Printed wraps.

ALS from William Claire to a friend of DenBoer’s asking that they subscribe to Voyages
Carbon of Typed note from Bill Claire to DenBoer about Unicorn people, September 23, 1970
Copy of a TLS from Claire, March 15, 1974 recommending DenBoer for a job. Item #59905

Poet, author, editor, and publisher are just a few hats worn by James Den Boer. Den Boer has been honored with numerous awards, grants, and prizes from prestigious institutions such as the National Endowment for the Arts, National Arts Council, and the International Poetry Forum to name a few. Den Boer became editor of Swan Scythe Press in 2010 and lives in Sacramento, California. The first of these letters was written in 1969 after which, DenBoer became the West Coast editor for Claire's VOYAGES magazine. The letter cover the writter's personal journey as well as his writings and details of the working of the magazine.

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