THREE TLS,; to Ray Baker Harris in Washington, DC: October 19, 1937, November 8, 1937 & February 2, 1938.

Each is typed on an 8-1/2 x 11 in sheet with the Ausable Forks imprint. (each has the remnants of a sticker used put them in a notebook at each corner. The three letters. Item #59609

Rockwell Kent (June 21, 1882 – March 13, 1971) was an American painter, printmaker, illustrator, & writer.He is best known for his illustrations of Greenland and Alaska as well as his magnificent three volume illustrated edition of Moby Dick. In addition, Kent was involved with the progressive political movements of his time and actually ran for Congress in 1948 on the American Labor Party ticket. See Wikiedia for an extensive write up of his life.The letters concern a request from Harris that Kent make a bookplate from the image "Man at the Mast." Kent outlines some of the specifics for getting the work done, its costs and the like. The first letter is 22 lines. The second letter thanks Harris for the check of $20.00, noting that he will send the design off to the Pynson Printers, noting: "I have had to work over a proof of the woodcut engraving pretty completely. There's almost no part of it that would have stood the reproduction process ..." The third letter notes that "Mr. Elmer Adler" was to have sent him the original corrected proof, etc.

Price: $750.00

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