8 Typed Letters, signed, 2 Christmas cards signed by Kent, a pamphlet Kent inscribed to his niece, an inscribed copy of "It's Me O Lord" by Kent, an inscribed copy of Ella Reeve Bloor's "We are Many" to Sam Pevzner and a Christmas card from Paul Robeson to Pevzner made out in Robeson's holograph. Described below in more detail:

Letters to Samuel Pevzner from Rockwell Kent

TLS, February 11, 1960, 1 page to Samuel Pevzner. Pevzner is a travel agent and Kent requests that he sent travel information to his daughter Kathleen. With envelope
TLS, 1 page September 23, 1957 to Sam [Pevzner] on National Council of American-Soviet Friendship, Inc. stationary. (Requesting the Pazvner take part in a committee to study the state of “Jewish Culture” in the Soviet Union, etc. , with mailing envelope
TLS, 1 page, May 2, 1959 to Sam [Pevzner] on National Council of American-Soviet Friendship, Inc. stationary. With mailing envelope. (Kent asks Pevzner to become the executive director of the Council), etc.
TLS. 1 page, August 17, 1957. With news clipping and envelope. Short note Noting that Pevzner’s visit was a joy, etc.
TLS, 1 page, May 12, 1959. Acknowledging that Dave Flacks will be a perfect fit to become executive director of the Council.
TLS, 1 page, August 27, 1957. With mailing envelope. Responding to material that Pevzner has sent him.
TLS, 1 page, October 5, 1959, with mailing envelope: About travel, etc
TLS, 1 page, July 10, 1959: with mailing envelope. About Pevzner not being at the agency.
Christmas Card with reproduction of “Gray Day” in color, inscribed: To Sam [Pevzner] and Fay, from Sally and Rockwell Kent 1957, with envelope.
Notecard (blue paper) with image of “Bear Glacier) with TLS January 10, 1961 to Sam [Pevzner], signed Rockwell … “We could have thrown our arms around you for that moving tribute you paid the guest of honor

KRUCKMAN, Herb. HOL’ UP’ YO’ HEAD. NY: Pitel, 1936. First edn, 4to, disbound, B & W illustrations, inscribed by the author. . Thirty-three Bible stories retold from the point of view of a slave; each character is drawn as black, including Jesus, John the Baptist, 'Petah', the 'Debbil', etc., and the narrative is written in black dialect.
Herbert Kruckman was Jewish-American artist, and, at this time, a frequent contributor to several left wing magazines including New Masses, The Hat Worker and Art Front, as well as mainstream media magazines and newspapers including New Republic, PM, New York Times and Post

KNOW AND DEFEND AMERICA, forty paintings of our country and of the out-posts of our hemisphere by Rockwell Kent. Little soiled printed wraps, inscribed by Kent to his niece: “To Ellen from Uncle Rockwell (her father’s brother) Rockwell Kent

Rockwell Kent, 1882-1971. Loose sheets of illustrations with pamphlet issued by the National Council of American-Soviet Friendship, Inc. NY: 1971, 26 images on 25 sheets (lacking 2 sheets). Soiled wrappers.
We proudly present of Men and Mountains by Rockwell Kent, artist and chairman of National Council of American Society Friendship. Single faded sheet, stuck the ordering sheet and envelope to the Rockwell Kent 1882-1971 item above.

Evergood, Philip. Words of Appreciation for Rockwell Kent, np, nd 5 mimeographed sheets

A Celebration of the life of Rockwell Kent, May 25, 1971. Single folded sheet, cover stained. 2 copies

JONES, Dan Burne. THE PRINTS OF ROCKWELL KENT, a catalogue Raisonne. Chicago: University of Chicago Press. First edition, A very good copy in stained and little torn dj

KENT, IT’S ME OLORD, the autobiography of Rockwell Kent. NY; Dodd, Mead, (1955) First edition? Inscribed by the author: “To Sam and Jay Pezvner with the warm fraternal regards of their friend and brother Rockwell Kent. End paper faded from some offsetting from a paper no longer here, hinge very loose.

BLOOR, Ella Reeve. WE ARE MANY, aN autobiography. NY: International Pub (1940) First edition. Cover water stained. Inscribed by the author: “To the entire | Pevzner family | with sure faith on |the victory over Fascisim | comradely | Ella Reeve Bloor | Oct. 8th, 1943”

Christmas card to [Sam] Pevzner from singer/activist Paul Robeson: Consists of a photograph of Robeson and his family, with a printed text, inscribed on the blank: “For the Pevzners with warmest greetings from The Robesons NY Dec 1957" in Paul Robeson’s hand. Item #59581

Pevzner was a travel agent, editor of Jewish Currents and active member of the National Council of American-Soviet Friendship, Inc. The letters are both personal and discuss some of the ins and outs of the organization. While we have not been able to find out a great deal about Pevzner, the warmth of the inscriptions by the well known activists Kent, Bloor and Robeson would attest to his wide spread political involvement.

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