LONGHOUSE; Autumn 1981

Brattleboro VT: Longhouse. Periodical: 20 pieces.

Winter, 1988, Catalog # 1, in mailing envelope: books for sale an poetry by James Koller and Janine Vega
Spring, 1988. Mimeographed sheets, in mailing envelope, 1/200 copies. Work by: Paul Metcalf, Bob Arnold, Hayden Carruth, Theodore Enslin, David Giannini, David Raffeld, Cid Corman, et. al.
Marguerite Swift, This Road Goes through Sage (NP, ND: Longhouse, mimeographed sheets)
Iban Healer, mimeographed sheets, (NP, ND: Longhouse, mimeographed sheets)
Kirstan Bang, The Shaman Apprentice (NP, ND: Longhouse, mimeographed sheets)
John Levy (Poems) (NP, ND: Longhouse, mimeographed sheets)
Longhouse- 1977, list of printed work
Sean Moye - Bookman, single 8-1/2 x 11 in. sheet in mailing envelope
Three Tanslators: Dan Propper, Jack Hirschman, Robert Ruchames, 1/100 copies, November, 1976
S[tephen] Lewandowski, (NP, ND: Longhouse, mimeographed sheets)
George Evans, 7 Poems, Scout, Autumn, 1982, (NP, ND: Longhouse, mimeographed sheets)
Longhouse, Spring, 1977, 1/200
Loose Sheets, (NP, ND: Longhouse, mimeographed sheets)
Joe Napora, Longhouse , Autumn, 1981
Longhouse, Autumn, 1981
Marie Harris, 11 Poems, Scout, Winter, 1983
Janine Pommy-Vega braodside, February, 1977: Song for Cesar
Longhouse, Spring, 1978, 1/200 copies
Barbara Moraff (poems) Poets who sleep # 17, 1/100 copies
Longhouse, Autumn, 1986, 1/ 200 copies. Item #59459

Taken from Bob Arnold's website: "In 1971 Bob Arnold founded Longhouse, as editor and publisher, under the original imprint "Our Poets Workshop" with various side venues "Scout," "Poets Who Sleep," "Love Thy Poet," and the small booklet series "Just So Happens." He edited and published the final Origin (6th series, 2006) in celebration of Cid Corman, gathering poets and artists worldwide released free on-line and now archived on CD. During 2015-2016 Bob edited and prepared for Longhouse new book titles by Lorine Niedecker, Janine Pommy Vega and as literary executor for Cid Corman Of, Volumes 4 & 5.

He presents a daily blog —A Longhouse Birdhouse—and together with Susan, for forty-five years, has run a bookshop featuring the arts and poetry together with their press publications.

Bob makes his living as a stonemason & builder in the Green Mountains of Vermont.

Price: $250.00

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