The Reed Whittemore Issue of Voyages; ol. III, nos III & IV, Spring 1970, Issue 8/9

This material is from the archives of Voyages editor William Claire. 1. A printed copy of the magazine2. newspaper clippings3. 2-page ALS from Bill Claire to Mrs. Paukerplay concerning the forthcoming "Reed Whittemore" issue noting the basic outline of the issue4. 3 page ALS in black marker on the development of the Whittemore issue by Bill Claire5. Three pages of notes on the issue by Bill Claire6. Single page listing by Whittemore of his 20 top unpublished poems7. Claire, 3 pages of notes on the contributors to the Whittemore issue8. Reed Whittemore 5 line notes, signed "Reed" enclosing 4 original photographs of himself (included)9. Pauker, John, TLS, 3 pages, "My Life With Reed Whittemore"10. Reed Whittemore, ALS, 2 pages to Bill Claire, on material for the issue11. John Pauker, Carbon of a TLS to Senator Eugene McCarthy about the issue12. John Pauker, Carbon of a TLS to Scott Elledge about the issue13. John Pauker, Carbon of a TLS to Howard Nemerov about the issue14. John Pauker, Carbon of a TLS to Thomas Morgan about the issue15. John Pauker, Carbon of a TLS to Senator Eugene McCarthy about the issue16. John Pauker, Carbon of a TLS to William Roth about the issue17. John Pauker, Carbon of a TLS to Arthur Mizener about the issue18. John Pauker, Carbon of a TLS to W. R. Johnson about the issue19. John Pauker, Carbon of a TLS to Richard Birnberg about the issue20. John Pauker, Carbon of a TLS to Isabelle Gardner about the issue21. John Pauker, Carbon of a TLS to Morris Friedman about the issue22. Anon note in red marker urging Claire to consider a Kenneth Burke issue, signed Gunboat23. TLS from Bill Claire to Reed Whittemore (Voyager) about using his poem in an article24. ALS, 1 page from "Sophronisba …" to Bill Claire 25. TMS, 13 pages with holograph corrections, "A Politics for the Liberal" by Reed Whittemore (?)26. TMS, "Summary of RW's Carnegie Project" with 2 short notes by Reed Whittemore27. TMS, A. C. Purces, 11 pages, "Listen Christian: I was hungry and you formed a humanities club and discussed my hunger. Thank you!!"28. Bill Claire, 1 page typed note on "United World Federalists" stationary to Reed Whittemore29. MSS, mechanically reproduced sheets" by Philip Sheridan, 3 pages about Reed Whittemore30. Photocopy of note from Philip Herzbrun that he cannot write something about Whittemore31. Photocopy of MSS from John H Edgcomb, "A Pensee for Reed Whittemore", 5 pages32. Photocopy of a 2 page letter from Laurence Gould about Reed Whittemore33. Photocopy of a TLS and 2 page Typed MS from Barbara Raskin about Reed Whittemore34. Photocopy of a manuscript, "Reed Whittemore as Teacher and Person" by Richard, Birnberg, 2 pages35. Photocopy of a letter and poem from Gilbert Harrison, editor of The New Republic about Reed Whittemore36. 33 carbons of letters from John Pauker concerning the Voyages issue about Reed Whittemore37. TM, one page, "The Winter of our Discontent" by Reed Whittemore (?), with note: "No can't use, published elsewhere"38. TLS, 1 page from Reed Whittemore to Bill Claire, 12/17/196839. Copy of TL to Reed Whittemore from John Pauker (?) with manuscript addition by Bill Claire (?) about material for Voyages40. ALS, 1 page from Roger Hecht (?) to Bill Claire about Reed Whittemore poems to use, June, 196941. ALS, 1 page from Reed Whittemore to Bill Claire, with Claire notes on the verso. Dec 842. ALS, 4 pages from Lee Ver Duft to Reed Whittemore43. Draft Proposal for a community arts program from R[eed] Whittemore, 5 pages, printed and holograph.44. ALS, one page, Sept 14, 1970 from Gary Gildner about the Reed Whittemore Issue. Item #52796

Wikepedia: "Edward Reed Whittemore, Jr. (September 11, 1919 & April 6, 2012 was an American poet, biographer, critic, literary journalist and college professor. He was appointed the sixteenth and later the twenty-eighth Poet Laureate Consultant in Poetry to the Library of Congress in 1964, and in 1984. Born in New Haven, Connecticut, Whittemore attended Phillips Academy and received a Bachelor of Arts from Yale University in 1941. As a sophomore at Yale, he and his roommate James Angleton started a literary magazine called Furioso which became one of the most famous "little magazines" of its day and published many notable poets including Ezra Pound and William Carlos Williams. "It was the ne plus ultra of little magazines" according to Victor Navasky. The magazine was published intermittently until 1953. After service in the Army, he published his first volume of poetry in 1946. From 1947 to 1966, he was a professor of English at Carleton College. While at Carleton he renewed his magazine under the name the Carleton Miscellany and published many first-time poets such as Charles Wright. He taught at the University of Maryland College Park until 1984."

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