ARCHIVE; for the special issue of Voyages Magazine: Vol. IV, nos III & IV: Spring 1972.

Included is a copy of the magazine as well as: John Logan Archive: 5 ALS, 10 TM, 9 APC, TPC, 2TLS, 1 signed photo copy of a paper

Included is a copy of the magazine as well as:

7 lines autograph note about the bibliography of his work on a piece of manila paper torn from an envelope.

Holograph manila envelope addressed to Wlliam Claire.

TLS, 1-1/2 pages "Dear Bill": July 14, 1970. Concerns the particulars of the Logan issue - the Siskand photos, poems he can write, etc. He suggests that Bill get Michael Rust to comment on the work. A good working letter.

Modern Poetry Studies, Vol. 2, # 5, 1971: Includes Isbell, Harold, "Growth and Change: John Logan's Poems.

Photocopy of corrected poem: "On A Photograph of Aaron Siskind's" - 4 short notes in Logan's hand on the verso

Typed MSS poem: "Poems of Aaron Siskind's Work" signed by John Logan, with a number of holograph marks.

Typed MSS of poem: "On A Photograph of Aaron Siskind's" several corrections. And different text than the other work with a similar name.

"New Poem" (first line: the beautiful bodiced …) 5 page mimeographed sheets
"Poem of Aaron Sislind's Work (II)", 1 page, with a single holograph correction and signed by John Logan

"John Logan on Poets and Poetry Today (a paper given at a symposium on contemporary Poetry at the University of Maryland March 29, 1971. 8-1/2 x 11 inch pages with Logan's marginal corrections, etc.

"The Dead Man's Room" typed MSS poem, signed by John Logan. 3 pp., with holograph corrections.

"Poem on Aaron Siskind's Work", one page typed MSS, signed by John Logan

"Poem for my friend Peter at Piihana" mechanically reproduced sheets with some ink corrections, inscribed to William Claire, 6pp.

"Letter to my LIver" mechanically reproduced sheets, 6 pages.

Autograph Post Card, 12/22/1969. Thanks for your great note about my book, it makes me think that maybe fooling around writing poems is worthwhile ..."

ALS, 1 page, 22 Jan 70: offers advise on who should review the Mac Hammond book ...

Autograph Post Card, 10/1/1971. 4 lines. Logan asks if Claire wants a bibliography of work not collected in a book.

Autograph Post Card, 2 lines, nd. Written to accompany a list of poems not included.

Autograph post card, 12/6/1971, 14 lines. Concerning the work that Michael Rust has sent to Claire. He also lists a number of people who can be quoted about his work in the magazine.

Autograph Post Card, nd, 4 lines. More poems to add.

ALS, 1 page, 10 Nov [19]71 Dear Bill …Concerns Mike Rust's article :I like it … I made some editorial suggestions to him including identification of some obscure quotes. I personally hope you'll use it. 20 lines. He adds more material for the bibliography and says that he has enclosed the proof of his article. See above.

Typed MS, signed (very light),"Only the Dreamer Can Change the Dream", signed by John Logan with holograph note: "Bill, I think it will be in the New York Quarterly - not certain"

ALS, 2 8-1/2 x 11 in pages, 6 April 72: Logan offers 2 paragraphs of commentary on Claire's poetry ...and remnarks that it is a bitter cold winter day. Al Poulin and he drew up a mailing list for the Logan issue of "Voyages" that Claire edited and much more. A fine literary letter.

ALS, 3pages in red on 8-1/2 x 11 in sheets. Responding to the poems in the Logan issue of Voyages, Logan writes: "I am sorry to be so slow letting you know how much it meant to me -- at a time when it was deeply needed -- I was very pleased with Tom Voiatn's photographs of me ..." adds more comments on the issue and a 3/4 page holograph "errata sheet" that he hopes can be included in unsold issues of the magazine.

TLS, 1 page, 6 Nov [19]'74 … his teaching in SF, arranging an exchange with another to Hawaii, his writing, etc.

ALS, 2 pp with envelope, March 23, [19]79

Mimeograph MSS, 10 pp., with some holograph corrections, good. Item #50747

Born in Red Oak, Iowa, in 1923, John Logan attended Coe College, received an M.A. from Iowa University, and did graduate work in philosophy at Georgetown and Notre Dame. He married in 1945 and later divorced; he was the father of nine children. His first book, A Cycle for Mother Cabrini (1955), introduced many of the religious and metaphysical themes the poet would explore throughout his writing life. Although he eventually abandoned Catholicism, Logan continued to address issues of hope, community, and identity. In The Poem and Its Skin, critic John Crowe Ransom identified these concerns as "the secular priesthood" of the poet. Logan was the author of fourteen books of poetry. Among his most well-known books are Spring of the Thief (1963), The Bridge of Change (1979), and Only the Dreamer Can Change the Dream, which won the Lenore Marshall Poetry Prize in 1982. His other honors and awards include a Rockefeller Foundation grant, the Morton Dauwen Zabel Award, a Guggenheim Fellowship, and Wayne State University's Miles Modern Poetry Prize. Logan also wrote an autobiographical novel, a children's book, a play, and a collection of essays.

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