Catalog 203 - Miscellany

A List of New Arrivals and some Old Friends - Literature, woman suffrage, anti-woman suffrage, and much more.

Catalog # 202 Old Friends

124 books (mostly literature) that we cataloged before 1990. With the original prices!

RIOTS, Catalog # 201

Books From the 17th Century to the Present on Civil Insurrections, Assassination Plots, Torture, Race Riots, and Similar Domestic Disturbances.

Catalog 199D- Illustrated Books

Illustrated Books

Catalog # 199C- Books & Autographs

300 books and autographs, mostly from the library Morry Filler

Catalogue # 187 - American Giants: Crane, Hawthorne, Melville Twain

223 First editions By and Books About Stephen Crane, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Herman Melville & Mark Twain