The Living Room - Left Shelf

Mostly Antiquarian Books of American interest, with some miscellaneous

Glasscase (Modern)

Mostly Literary First Editions, published after 1900- many signed items


Books Illustrated by Leonard Baskin or printed at The Gehenna Press

AUTOGRAPHS - On-Line Cat 206

233 Autograph items. Included are a nice Darwin (LS), a note by Thomas Jefferson, a letter by Eddie Cantor, some signed actor photographs, a collage by e.e.cummings and much more. etc.

Catalog 205 - On Line Only

Miscellany of 150 items, many books by Emily Dickinson and Henry David Thoreau, from the library of a naturalist/bookseller

Catalog 204 - On-lIne Only

New Arrivals from the 16th Century to the Present